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About us

Fordsport was set up in september 2001 by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to show their cars but didn’t want to be restricted to a particular model of car - we welcome every Ford, from Consul to Focus, 950 to RS Turbos, and everything inbetween.

Our club offers the opportunity for a membership fee of £10 a year to attend shows, receive newsletters when required and generally join a club of like-minded people who want to chat cars and have a laugh!

The £10 membership pack gives you a club sticker, club tax disc holder, all the relevant booking forms, club regional contact info and most recent newsletter. Also, this fee covers sending all the show tickets to you by recorded post, as opposed to charging extra on each ticket price.

Memberships run from February 1st to January 31st, so this way everyone knows when their membership is due; if you join part-way through the year you will pay a percentage of the fee - see the membership form for more details.

Fordsport is a club run on a volunteer basis by its members, so all subscription money is reinvested in the club - we don’t pay any wages!